03 July 2013

Shapeshifter trumps Werewolf; Every Time

True Blood, I am still trying to enjoy you. Really I am; even after the massive letdown that was last season. And I must say, so far this season has been looking quite positive; focusing on what used to make the show good (the conflict of everyday troubles with supernatural oddities), rather than getting too bogged down in the freaky stuff (Fairy interpretive dance, possessive witches, weird goat shaman thing and so on).

But one thing I haven’t been enjoying is the annoying turn in Alcide’s character, and the conflict this has produced with Sam. Especially when the fight between Sam (shapeshifter) and Alcide (werewolf) was such a lacklustre event. This is even more disappointing considering last season True Blood illustrated just how formidable Sam’s shapeshifting powers can be in a fight.
For those not in the know; that is a man shapeshifting into a fly,  flying into someone's mouth, and then turning back into a human. Brilliant!
So when Alcide and his biker/werewolf gang turned up and started a biff, I couldn’t help but think that it should have turned out this way:
Artwork courtesy of my boredom at work

Blue whale wins every time.

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