21 January 2012

A Curious Trend

I have noticed a spate of language based posts on my blog, like here, or here, and even here. It's odd because I don't really know much about language, and have many other interests I presumed would have taken a higher billing here. I suppose this is just a bit of a side effect of writing a blog, because I am exposed to language in a recreational sense much more than I would have in the past. I am an extremely curious person, so once a rant gets in my head, I soon follow the rabbit hole down as far as it will go, and with the internet at my fingertips, its makes for quite a deep hole.
This is why my previous posts on offensive language managed to grow a bit out of hand, and rather off their original topics.But at the end of the day, I really love expanding my knowledge, and learning as much as I can about the world, so this isn't a bad thing.
Speaking of which, since I had been blogging on offensive language and offensive words so often, I figured it was time to get a bit more educated on the subject, and got myself a Kindle copy of this wonderful book.

I had heard great reviews of it in the past, and thought it time to get better acquainted with that most versatile of word; fuck.
It has proved entertaining so far, with an in depth history of the origin of fuck furnishing the beginning of the book. But so far the stand out thing for me has been the revelation that before we called the smaller members of the falcon family kestrels, they were referred to as windfuckers, or fuckwinds. This was due to their propensity to hover in the air, or 'fuck the wind'.
I love that this page exists.
No doubt as I read further something else will tickle my fancy and soon enough you will find another offensive language based post coming your way.
That's all for now dear reader.

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