29 September 2011

Creepy Church Sign

Whenever I visit my parents in Magpie I make sure to check the sign this church has out the front of its grounds. You know the kind where they have their uplifting message, or their prosthelytising tracts, or the kind on the Simpsons that always has an amusing message.
Well when I saw this the other day, I knew I would have to stop next time and take a photo, its just so odd and creepy; something which would seem more at home in a message from a stalker, written with cut out letters from magazines.
Check it out:
Did i mention he is supposedly watching you; all the time......
Seriously? What is the message this is trying to get across? I mean I understand the reference being that Jesus got himself killed for the sins of all mankind. But does it really need to try and link itself to ones perception of their appearance?
I don't really have much more to say on the subject; what do you all think?

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