27 September 2011

Custodians of Modern Vintage

[Editors note: This post was actually written last weekend, but the post failed, so here it is again. I hope you enjoy it as much as i just enjoyed calling myself editor]

For the next three weekends my wife, my son and I will be holding the fort at Modern Vintage from 8:30am to 3:00pm each Saturday. For those who know me, or my sister, you will know what I am talking about here, but for the rest of you hypothetical readers, I shall give an explanation.
Modern Vintage is a new homewares store opened up by my mum Kerrie, and my sister Rachel (of Picklebug fame for those in the know) right in the heart of Ballarat. They have furnished this using their formidable eye for style, as they travelled across the middle kingdom, buying wares and having adventures.
In fact I say this with great envy, as very reason why I am manning the post with my immediate family is because my mum and sister (along with my dad in his characteristic traveling hat) have hit the skies again, and are currently on a three week sorte through the markets and bazaars of China.
So below I have attached some photos of our tenure at Modern Vintage, that you dear reader may get an idea of how awesome my families latest business venture is. Damn awesome that is.
Harrison and Lizzie manning the counter

A collection of goods for sale

Awesome old authentic ship steering wheels (this is sold, but rest assured, there will be more; there are lots of old ships in China, and I will be first in line)

A swish table with some knickknacks

Another cool chunky wooden table for sale. Lizzie wants this one

Another groovy old wooden table, and some chunky coloured chairs

Things to put on your face

Some little thing made of wood, and what  appears to be a half horse-half aardvark head, and some ornate looking lanterns (which also look like gas canisters, or veiled lego heads....)

These groovy Chinese looking stools have been selling like hotcakes (do pancakes really sell that well to be worthy of the idiom?)

Available in many colours, for the modern homeowner ;-)

An assortment of melts, I swear one of them smells just like Hubba Bubba

For the man who has everything; why not a massive wooden pitchfork?

The numbers are for sale, the old school door isnt

Jewelry for the ladies, or perhaps, the men....

A nice multicolored drawer set, and one of their authentic vintage life preservers.

More jewelry stuff. i really don't have much to say here. *cough*
So come on in and check it out people, and remember that soon enough there will be a whole new batch of goodies on its way from the orient.

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