29 September 2011

Overzealous Thesaurus

I often try and jazz up my prose a bit while I am writing by taking advantage of Microsoft Word’s in built thesaurus when I can’t quite remember the words I want to use.
I was a bit surprised this time when I noticed that my thesaurus wasn’t content with the mere offering of one word synonyms, but instead gave me the somewhat extended ‘throw a monkey wrench in the works’ as an alternative.
I can’t even remember what I was looking for, as this entry overshadowed everything else.
I had noticed that it would often substitute a smaller idiom, perhaps one of three or four words (as it also has below in ‘halt in its tracks’), but a seven word thing seems a bit excessive.
Although perhaps in the future I will be able to extend my attempts at writing some fiction by incorporating this expansive tendency......

(P.s. I am beginning to think that writing a blog can make someone a bit self-centred, by which I mean I didn’t make the first four paragraphs of this post start with ‘I’ on purpose. I just wrote and it came out that way. I guess it’s just a bad habit...)

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